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Retirement Planning

With a solid and strategic retirement plan in place, you’ll be in the best position to make the most of your next phase in life. Nourish WM may work with you to develop a customized financial savings plan that aligns with your goals, values, and lifestyle. To help you reach your retirement goals, we may:

    • Calculate the projected amount of savings needed to enjoy your retirement
    • Choose the most appropriate financial products for your particular tax situation
    • Assess any existing employer-sponsored retirement plans and discuss the merits of pre-tax and post-tax savings
    • Help you choose an appropriate pension option
    • Make recommendations for utilizing life insurance policies, if appropriate
    • Help you understand and choose a social security strategy that makes the most sense for your future expectations
    • Calculate and audit the required minimum year-end distributions from your IRAs, along with a suggestion for tax withholding to be verified by your tax advisor
    • Establish a retirement investment plan that supports your projected income needs


Navigating insurance options can be tricky without objective guidance from financial specialists who are looking out for your best interest. We may work with you to:

  • Determine the appropriate life, disability, and long-term care coverage for your needs
  • Assess insurance benefits offered by your current employer
  • Review your current contracts
  • Make recommendations for maintaining or updating existing policies, considering replacements, and/or adding additional coverage
  • Assess long term care risks and develop a wealth preservation strategy

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Tax Planning

We can help optimize the tax impact of your financial plan by coordinating with a qualified tax advisor/CPA for proactive planning. To develop your proactive tax plan, we may:

  • Recommend options for positioning your investment/retirement savings for tax efficiency
  • Assess your current portfolios for capital gains distributions and potential year-end tax loss harvesting
  • Review your annual tax return and in some cases, furnish investment related tax preparation documents
  • Assess life transitions like marriage, retirement, education, windfalls in order to discuss proactive planning strategies
  • Stay apprised of tax reform that might affect your tax income liability and present opportunities for financial planning
  • Discuss the tax implication of various gifting strategies, charitable or otherwise
  • Provide guidance regarding types of income that may affect your social security taxation, as well as state income exclusions for retirement income

Estate Planning

Estate planning can ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared in the event of your incapacitation or death. A plan provides guidelines for making healthcare decisions, carrying out legacy wishes, and distributing assets. It can also reduce the taxes, fees, and court costs incurred by you, your estate, and your family members. To help you and your family with this process, we may:

  • Review any current estate planning documents, such as wills, living wills, powers of attorney, or health care proxies
  • Align beneficiary designations across all assets
  • Assess your long term care risks and develop a wealth preservation strategy
  • Accommodate the transfer of intergenerational wealth, staying mindful of the potential impact to financial aid and/or estate and tax implications for all generations involved
  • Collaborate with an estate planning attorney on any helpful trust planning

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Investment Management

We can design an investment portfolio that is sustainable, responsible, and sensitive to your personal values. Once we understand your objectives, we may:

  • Develop an investment portfolio tailored to your specific tax situation, investment objective, and time horizon to particular goals
  • Consider Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors and other socially responsible investment options
  • Review any employee and incentive stock options
  • Consolidate various retirement plan offerings into one IRA

Cash Flow Management

It’s not always easy to keep track of every purchase and expense while engaging in an active and dynamic life. We can help you manage your cash flow and keep you on track to reach your financial goals by:

  • Frequently reviewing your cash flow analysis to understand your monthly/annual expense levels
  • Allocating your financial resources to support your savings goals and risk management

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Education Planning

Higher education is often one of the largest expenses that a family faces, and with tuition increasing year after year, it makes sense to start planning as early as possible. Working together, we can:

  • Determine the best option for creating an education savings account that aligns with your goals for yourself, your children, and/or your grandchildren
  • Develop a savings plan with the objective of attending a particular institution
  • Understand the impact of your current resources on financial aid
  • Entertain a discussion with your student for understanding of tuition inflation, and their own potential financial responsibility

Small Business Planning

There’s a seemingly endless list of tasks and decisions to make when running a small business. Let us help with some of the financial details to create a strong financial foundation for your business. We can:

  • Collaborate with an attorney or a CPA to choose most appropriate business structure
  • Seek opportunities to take advantage of tax reforms that might benefit you as a small business owner
  • Establish a retirement plan for you, a small business owner, which minimizes taxes and costs while maximizing your savings capacity. We can also make recommendations for employee retirement plans, if you choose to offer those benefits.