Working With Us


Your values + Your resources + a trusted financial partner = Empowerment & Impact

As stewards of your success, we encourage you to excel in your work, prioritize your family’s health, experience your passions, know your loved ones, see the world and be of service. Leave the complex work of managing your wealth to us.

We offer a thorough and disciplined process with the expertise of over a decade of providing comprehensive, objective financial planning and investment advice. This is easier to navigate with the right partners in your corner.

A team working on your behalf to coordinate the complexities of a well-designed financial plan means we value collaboration with other professionals.

We will gladly work with your existing relationships or can help build a team of competent, compassionate professionals including tax advisors, attorneys, bankers, insurance specialists and even health and wellness experts to get your initial planning work addressed and reviewed over time.

In addition, Nourish Wealth Management is backed by the support of the industry’s leading independent, private Broker/Dealer, Commonwealth Financial Network®, with teams that specialize in delivering resources for investment management and strategies for wealth optimization.

Transparency on the part of the client is critical for us to do our job and, similarly, for our clients to understand we are acting in their best interest. At times we might recommend a product or service as a solution to address a piece of our financial plan design where we might collect a commission. In that respect, we cannot claim to be a fee-only advisor. However, in approximately 95% of our work, we are required to serve as a fiduciary in our money management approach when we collect an asset management fee. In all cases, clients deserve and receive transparency and disclosure.

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The Process

Nourish WM employs a six-step process that considers all areas of wealth management in concert, including cash flow analysis, education savings, investment management, retirement savings, life and health insurance, tax efficiency, and estate planning.

Through our detailed and thorough six-step financial planning process, we help:

  • Clarify personal values and family mission statement
  • Design a roadmap to pursue your desired outcomes (for education, retirement, philanthropy, legacy, etc)
  • Implement a comprehensive financial plan that incorporates risk management and tax-sensitive savings, investment and gifting strategies
  • Invest dollars in a way that supports your financial plan while positively impacting the environment, society and corporate governance
  • Monitor your progress and modify your financial plan as your life evolves

Cultivating sustainable wealth is not just personal, for us it’s a deep-rooted responsibility to understand how our decisions as consumers and investors impact our planet and the people on it. While we remain objective in our product selection (we are not held captive to any particular products) you’ll find our investment philosophy is conscious of the environment, board independence, workforce diversity, labor relations, product safety, and shareholder engagement.